Encouraging minds

Encouraging young minds to design things that look farfetched. A lot of products and things used worldwide are from China and this is because from basic classes creativity topics and subjects are introduced.

Creativity is the world

This is our job to bring out power of making and inventing. Do not let your wards be an exception. Creativity is the world.

Why Choose us ?

Science For Graders is an organization charged towards helping pupils apply what they learn in the school environment to real-life experiences and provides an all-around enriching education. Science For Graders brings together operational scientists and professionals who are passionately committed to helping pupils appreciate the value of science and technology.


At Science For Graders, we understand how important the foundation of a child is and so we put a lot of effort into making children have fun while they learn to do things on their own. Science For Graders’ projects are carefully developed, edited, and tested by professional scientists, engineers, or teachers before they’re made available to you.

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In today's world, where just about everything is more convenient and accessible due to advances in science, science projects puts pupils at an advantage.

Our project-based education is filled with lively and engaged learning, it inspires pupils to obtain a deeper knowledge of the subjects they’re learning. Science projects are important because of their informative values and their positive long-term effects on pupils. Research also indicates that pupils are more likely to retain the knowledge gained through this approach far more readily than through traditional textbook-centered learning.

Science projects are designed to teach pupils how science is done in the real world! While doing a project, pupils will be introduced to practical science, learn how things work and how science shapes our lives. Plus, they would have fun while doing it.

Pupils quickly see how academic work can connect to real-life issues — and may even be inspired to pursue a career or engage in activities that relates to the project they developed.

Dr. Oboyerulu Edevbie Agboje

Director Of Program


Ahmed Abdulfattah

Program Co-ordinator